Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Competency Framework

Organising the ecological and social transition in our schools and for our students is no longer a matter of choice, the only question now is how do we do this?
It was with this question in mind that the CDEFM (Conference of Directors of French Business Schools), in conjunction with the CEFDG (National Commission for the Evaluation of Training and Qualifications in Management) and the MESR (Ministry for Higher Education and Research), set up a task force responsible for drawing up a set of guidelines specific to the training needs of young students and business schools.

This document follows on from the Minister’s recent statement concerning the introduction of a set of skills linked to the ecological and societal transition.
Its objective is to encourage the development of skills that will enable all Bachelor and Master students to meet the challenges of the ecological and societal transitions.These guidelines are intended as a support to help schools introduce responsible teaching, whilst allowing them the academic freedom and autonomy to design their programmes and curricula in response to their own constraints and objectives.

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